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I just wanted to say thanks! I was on Atkins back in 1999 before anyone else knew about it. It worked amazingly. Unfortunately, I went off of it and gained my weight back.

I recently started up again, and have found that, now that it's "all the rage", there are lots of snack foods, etc out there that never existed before. I still found, however, that, for my main meals, I'd be eating steak, grilled chicken and the like with no variety.

On a whim I ordered your cookbooks. In both the main cookbook, and the dessert cookbook, I have yet to find anything that isn't REALLY REALLY good. I can now eat a variety of satisfying meals and snacks, without getting tired of eating the same things over and over again.

I've already lost a lot of weight, and, with your creative ideas, I think it'll be a lot easier to stick to the diet after I reach my goal weight. I've recommended your cookbooks to anyone who's mentioned Atkins to me. They are truly a great resource for low-carb meal ideas.

Thanks again!

- Stacie

Low carbing is so easy with these recipes! The Cheesy Meatloaf is yummy!!! I was really in a rut, thank you so much.
- Diane

Who knew that we would have so many choices at restaurants?!?! Thanks! This is SO worth it!

Great collection of easy-to-follow recipes. Well worth the money. Thanks.

Thanks so very much. They downloaded beautifully.

I usually don't do this, but I have to say that I have gone through all the recipes and I am really excited. I can not wait to make so many of them. Usually when I order a cookbook the recipes contain so many "exotic" ingredients that it discourages me before I start. So I don't do it. (The Atkins own book is such a one - doubt if I ever use it). I have not found one recipe in all of these from your company that I can not make.

Again thanks and I can't wait to start trying the recipes.

The hardest meal for me was Breakfast. You have given me several ideas for that meal that is really going to help. I have been on the low-carb diet since the first of February and have lost 20 pounds. Want to keep it up and I know all these recipes will help and help me maintain.

It's great that the carb counts are listed for each serving and for each ingredient! Everything I've tried so far has been so tasty.
- Maria G.

Thanks for the great recipes! I use them every day.
- Jim

I am honestly surprised at how good every recipe I've tried is. The recipes are really delicious and easy!
- Belinda R.

I tried the creamy pork chops last night and they were great. Thanks Laura, These are super, I could not be happier. This was an exceptional deal.
- Dawn C.

Great restaurant guide, thanks!!
- Don

The desserts are great - the chocolate cake is my favorite!! I love all the variety. The weight keeps coming off and it's so easy.
- Shari


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Low carb recipes are ideal for the induction phase and ongoing weight loss phase of the Atkins Diet and other Low Carb diet plans.

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